Machinery and equipment industry: engineering machinery boom continues, new equipment manufacturing accelerates breakthrough

Industry performance: This week, the machinery sector rose 3.98%, the market rose 1.57%, and the 29 sectors ranked the ninth. General view: On Monday, the State Council executive meeting put forward a new policy of more active fiscal policy and moderate monetary policy. The policy environment faced by the A-share market has improved substantially. Under the expectation of better infrastructure investment, the overall performance of the mechanical sector is strong, including engineering. The mechanical sector has seen considerable gains. We believe that domestic infrastructure investment is expected to continue the current boom in construction machinery sector in a more relaxed policy environment. In the medium and long term, the financial statement repair, market competition pattern optimization and overseas market expansion of enterprises in the industry will be the lasting driving force for the healthy development of the construction machinery industry. In addition, 3C semiconductors, intelligent manufacturing, new energy, etc. in the mechanical sector represent a new direction in the equipment manufacturing industry, and the company is gaining momentum in terms of products, orders and profitability, and continues to promote the domestic equipment manufacturing sector. Comprehensive upgrades will gradually reduce the dependence of the equipment manufacturing industry on infrastructure and real estate.





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