Jianghan Oilfield Accelerates the Opening of Three Talent Teams
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Jianghan Oilfield Accelerates the Opening of Three Talent Teams

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Sinopec News Network News In order to promote the "inheritance of red genes to become a newcomer to the era" education theme activities, on August 16, the group company held a 2018 work conference in the southern section of the Guangzhou Workers' Committee, and Wang Zuoran, director of Sinopec Care for the Next Generation Work Committee , deputy director Gu Minqing, and the work commissions of 10 units including Southwest Petroleum Bureau, Maoming Petrochemical, Guangzhou Petrochemical, Chuanwei Chemical, Beihai Refining, Zhanjiang Dongxing, Guizhou Petroleum, Guangdong Petroleum, Hainan Petroleum, Guangxi Petroleum, Yunnan Petroleum, etc. The person in charge attended the meeting.

Chen Yuhuan, general manager of Guangzhou Petrochemical Company, gave a welcome speech and introduced the current production and operation of Guangzhou Petrochemical; Qiu Zhongyi, secretary of the Guangzhou Petrochemical Party Committee, attended the meeting and Li Lining, deputy secretary of the party committee, presided over the meeting.

Wang Zuoran pointed out that educating and cultivating young people is a big thing. The work committee should give full play to the advantages of the "five old" team of veteran cadres, veterans, old experts, old teachers and old models. It is necessary to grasp the key and help the younger generation establish the correctness. "Three views"; we must effectively improve our work ability, actively participate in corporate social responsibility and other work; uphold the communist beliefs, adhere to the party's leadership; objectively, comprehensively and in-depth communication with young workers, use positive Energy influences them, and strives to realize the petrochemical dream of building a world-class energy and chemical company, and even the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.

Gu Minqing, deputy director of the Group's work-related committee and director of the retired work department, made a speech at the meeting, fully affirmed the achievements made by the various units, and made recommendations on the current work. Seven participating units, including Maoming Petrochemical Company, reported the summary of the work of the Commission and the next work plan.

On the afternoon of the same day, the participants and the heads of the party and the organization directly under the Guangzhou Petrochemical Company came to the Guangzhou Petrochemical Club to watch the “Recalling the Past and the Years, and Continue to Write the Huazhang” to commemorate the 45th Anniversary of Guangzhou Petrochemical Construction. . Guangzhou Petrochemical University, Senior Citizens Activity Center and Litchi Red Art Troupe and other units self-directed dance, sound poetry, chorus, Cantonese opera, Taiji sword, instrumental music ensemble, fashion and other programs, the construction of the older generation of petrochemicals, The development of Guangzhou Petrochemical and the rich cultural life of retired employees have won the audience's warm applause. (钟勇浜)

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