Wind energy, solar energy and other new energy generation grid-connected technical requirements
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Wind energy, solar energy and other new energy generation grid-connected technical requirements

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The new energy power generation such as wind energy and solar energy has the characteristics of intermittent and volatility. After accessing the power grid, coordination and cooperation are needed to ensure safe and stable operation.

On the one hand, the large-scale grid connection of new energy requires the grid to continuously improve the adaptability, safety and stability control ability, which is mainly reflected in: grid dispatching needs to coordinate all kinds of power generation resources of the whole network, so that the power supply and demand of the whole network can reach real-time dynamic balance and meet Safe operation standards; grid planning needs to optimize the grid. By determining the reasonable grid structure of the large-scale new energy base and the power supply structure at the delivery end, the rational layout and optimal configuration of new energy and conventional energy are realized; the transmission link needs to adopt high voltage. AC/DC transmission technology improves the transmission capacity of the power grid and reduces the transmission power loss.

On the other hand, in order to reduce the risk of safety and stability brought by the integration of wind and solar energy, new energy generation is required to have basic access and control requirements. Smart grid for active power control, power prediction, reactive power, voltage regulation, low voltage ride through, operating frequency, power quality, model and parameters, communication and signal, and access to the grid after wind farms and photovoltaic power plants are connected to the grid Various aspects have been made to address the standardization access to new energy power generation such as wind and solar energy.

Issues such as accurate power generation power prediction and operation control technology to achieve scientific and rational use of large-scale new energy.